Course curriculum

    1. Updating Software on your 578 (NEW LESSON!)

    1. What is DMR?

    2. How To Get A DMR ID In 2020

    3. How to Get a Vanity Callsign

    4. Amateur Radio and DMR Etiquette Tips

    5. Quiz 2

    1. How to Create a DMR Codeplug by K0XM

    2. How to Make a DMR Codeplug (Long Version)

    3. How to Make an Amateur Radio Codeplug by Duane Reese N6DMR

    4. How to Use an Old Codeplug on a New AnyTone Radio

    5. How to Transfer a Codeplug from an AnyTone HT to the 578 Mobile Radio

    6. How to Submit a Codeplug on the BridgeCom Website

    7. Quiz 3

    1. How to Import the Digital Contact List

    2. How to Add or Delete a Digital Contact on the AnyTone 578 Mobile Radio

    3. Quiz 4

    1. How to Add a Channel on the Go to Your AnyTone 578 Mobile Radio

    2. How to Toggle Between VFO and Channel Mode

    3. How to Add Weather Channels to the AnyTone 578 Mobile Radio

    4. Why Can't I See the Channel I Programmed into my AnyTone 578 Mobile Radio?

    5. Quiz 5

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