Course curriculum

  • 2
    DMR Basics
    • What Is DMR?
    • How To Get A DMR ID for Amateur (Ham) Radio In 2020
    • How to get a Vanity Callsign
    • Amateur Radio and DMR Etiquette Tips
    • Quiz 2
  • 3
    • How to Create a DMR Codeplug by Chuck KØXM
    • How to Make a DMR Codeplug - Long Version
    • How to Make an Amateur Radio Codeplug by Duane Reese N6DMR
    • How to Add Data to a Codeplug with Contact Manager
    • How to Use an Old Codeplug on a New AnyTone 878 Handheld or AnyTone 578 Mobile
    • How to Submit an AnyTone Codeplug to BridgeCom Systems
    • Quiz 3
  • 4
    Talk Groups and Contact Lists
    • How To Add And Delete A Contact In Your AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV
    • How to Import the Digital Contact List
    • How to Import Talk Group Lists
    • How to Program Talk Groups For Your DMR Hotspot Using an Anytone DMR Radio
    • Quiz 4
  • 5
    VFO and Channel Modes
    • How to Add a Channel to Your Codeplug
    • AnyTone AT-D878/868UV Sub Channel Demo
    • How to Add the Weather Channels / Weather Alert to Your AnyTone 878 HT
    • How to Assign a VFO Mode Switching Button on an AnyTone 868/878 DMR HT Radio
    • How to Add a VFO Channel to Your AnyTone HT
    • How to Add a VFO Channel to Memory Mode on an AnyTone 878 Plus
    • How to Switch Between Single and Dual VFO Modes
    • How to Switch From VFO Mode to Channel Mode
    • Quiz 5
  • 6
    Scan Lists
    • Why is my Scan List Not Working?
    • How to Quickly Skip a Channel When Scanning on Your AnyTone 878 Plus
    • How to Easily Switch Scan Lists on Your AnyTone 878 Plus
    • Quiz 6
  • 7
    Display Features on AnyTone Handheld Radios
    • What do the Icons on the AnyTone 878 Mean?
    • How to Change the Display and Font Color on the AnyTone 878/578 Radios
    • How to do an Icon Update on the AnyTone Handheld Radios
    • How to Change the AnyTone Background Image
    • How to Change the Backlight Dimmer Time on an AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV
    • How to see the Call Log on the AnyTone 878 Handheld Radio
    • Quiz 7
  • 8
    Keypad Functions/Features
    • How to Unlock the AnyTone Handheld Radio Keypad
    • How to Define the Function Keys on the AnyTone 578 Mobile and 878 Handheld
    • How to Change the Analog Squelch Level on the Front Panel of Your AnyTone HT
    • Quiz 8
  • 9
    Power Functions
    • How to Adjust the Auto Power-Off Function in the AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV
    • How to Change the Transmit Power of the AnyTone HT
    • How to Reinitialize Your AnyTone DMR Radio
    • Quiz 9
  • 10
    • How to Enable the Bluetooth and APRS Menus in CPS
    • How to Kill the APRS TX Noise
    • Quiz 10
  • 11
    Using Accessories with an AnyTone Handheld Radio
    • How to Connect the PTT Button to the AT878 PLUS Tutorial
    • How to Connect the AnyTone to a Bluetooth Headset
    • How to Fix Low Speaker Mic Volume on Your AnyTone
    • How Far Can the BCA-300 Dual Band Mag Mount Antenna Transmit?
    • AnyTone Q8 Earpiece Quick Start Guide
    • Quiz 11
  • 12
    • How to Adjust the Microphone Gain on the AnyTone 868/878
    • How to Set TX Alert Tones on the AnyTone 878/868
    • AnyTone AT-D878/868UV Digital Monitor (Promiscuous Mode) Demo
    • How to Switch the AnyTone 868/878 DMR HT Between Metric and Imperial Measurements
    • How to Disable the "End Call" Prompt on an AnyTone HT
    • How to Use GPS on AnyTone Digital DMR Radios
    • Quiz 12
  • 13
    Amateur vs. Professional Mode
    • The Difference Between Amateur and Professional Mode Programming
    • How to Switch an AnyTone 868/878 DMR Radio Between Professional and Amateur Mode
    • Quiz 13
  • 14
    DV Mega Hotspot Video Resources
    • How to Go Mobile with Your Plug N' Play Package
    • How to add WIFI to your DVMEGA
    • How to find your cell phone's wifi credentials
    • Quiz 1
    • How to Add a Talk Group to Your Codeplug in Your Plug and Play Package
    • How To Add Local Repeaters To Your PNP Package
    • DVMega Hotspot Demo in Car
    • Operation of a Hotspot Part 1
    • Quiz 2
  • 15
    BridgeCom University Livestreams
    • The First BridgeCom University Live!
    • How to Program Your New AnyTone Handheld Radio to Hit a Local DMR Repeater
    • How to Connect Your AnyTone DMR Radio to a SkyBridge Hotspot
    • How to Update Your AnyTone Handheld Radio Contact List and Firmware
    • How to Import a Talk Group List and Create a Brandmeister Account
    • How to Get the Most Out of Your Brandmeister Account Using Your Hotspot
    • SkyBridge Plus Q&A
    • Beginner's Guide to Your DMR Optional Settings in CPS
    • How to Set Up DMR to YSF Cross Mode on the SkyBridge Plus
    • What is DMR Plus?
    • How to Use QuadNet for Multi-Mode Digital Radio
    • DMR Basics: How to Program Your Radio Hotspot for Multiple Networks
    • DMR Basics: How to Build a DMR Digital Radio Codeplug
    • The Quickest Way to Make Your First DMR QSO
    • 3 Things You Need to Make Your First DMR QSO
    • How to Join a DMR Weekly Net
    • How to Get Started in HF Radio - Interview With Sebastian KBØTTL
    • How to Connect to the TGIF Network Through a DMR Gateway
    • How Can Your AnyTone Radio Use SMS (DMR) Text Messaging
    • DMR for Beginners: How to Connect to Your Local Repeater
    • How to Make a Pi-Star Boot Image for Your Radio Hotspot
    • How to Make a DMR Contact: Our Proven Step-By-Step Guide
  • 16
    AnyTone Handheld Radios FAQ
    • Can the AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS with Bluetooth and GPS HT’s keypad be used for DTMF signaling for repeater control and autopatch functions?
    • Can the HT store more than one Radio User’s ID? If yes, how many can it store (in case a family of users passed the radio around to each other)?
    • Can the HT perform out-of-range Repeater Checking automatically and alert the user if they go out of the repeater’s coverage area?
    • In analog mode, does the HT have dual receivers for simultaneous V+V / V+U / U+U frequency monitoring?
    • In digital mode, does the HT have dual receivers for simultaneous V+V / V+U / U+U frequency monitoring?
    • Does the HT have Remote Kill / Stun / Re-Activate capability if stolen and later recovered?
    • Does the HT have a Promiscuous Function on DMR to monitor all activity on a repeater at once?
    • The analog APRS function appears to be position only and transmit only. No messaging capability is apparently possible; transmit or receive. Correct?
    • Confirm that the HT does have transmit and receive CTCSS/DCS for squelch operation.
    • Does the HT offer VOX for transmissions?
    • Does the HT offer a TOT (time out timer for excessive transmissions)?
    • Does the HT offer a single button press Talk-Around function for repeater frequencies?
    • Does the HT offer a Keypad Lock function?
    • Does the HT offer a Password Lock function?
    • Does the HT offer a Battery Save function where some features can be disabled after a period of time?
    • Does the HT offer Voice Annunciation of key presses and functions for the sight impaired?
    • Does the HT offer Single Tone Signaling (1000/1450/1750/2100 Hz) functionality?
    • Does the HT’s Receiver cover the FM Broadcast Band (76 MHz to 108 MHz)?
  • 17
    AnyTone Handheld Radios Q&A
    • How to Use the PTT Button on an AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS!
    • What are the AnyTone 878 PLUS's Bluetooth Capabilities?
    • What is the Roaming Feature on an AnyTone AT-D878UV DMR Radio?
    • Best Speaker Mic for the AnyTone 868 or 878 DMR Radio
    • Recommended Frequencies for a DMR Radio Hotspot
    • AnyTone 868 VS AnyTone 878, Difference in Receiver and Transmitter
    • Will AnyTone 868/878 DMR Handheld Radios Work for Public Safety?
    • How Does Promiscuous Mode Work on an AnyTone DMR Handheld(878/868)?
    • How to Get Into DMR Radio if You are New to Ham Radio
    • Is There DMR Coverage in the Midwest?(Answered)
    • What is the DVMEGA Digital Radio Hotspot?
    • Can a DMR Radio Function on Digital Repeaters?
    • Are AnyTone DMR Radio Codeplugs Interchangeable?
    • Can TYT Radio Codeplugs be Used in AnyTone DMR Radios?
    • What is the Difference Between AnyTone 868 and 878 PLUS Bluetooth?
    • What is the Battery Life of an AnyTone Radio With a 3100mAh Battery?
    • Do the AnyTone DMR Handhelds have 12V Battery Eliminators?
    • Are Antennas Important for DMR Handhelds?
    • Can the AnyTone 878 PLUS Bluetooth Connect to a Car?
    • Is the AnyTone 878 a Good First Ham Radio?
    • Which AnyTone DMR Handheld Radio Should You Buy?
    • Can Two DMR Radios Use the Same DMR Hotspot?
    • What is the Difference Between Amateur and Professional Mode on an AnyTone DMR Radio?
    • How to Get a DMR ID for Amateur Radio in 2020
  • 18
    • How to Install the AnyTone CPS
    • How to change the AnyTone boot image
    • How to change the AnyTone background image
    • How to enable/disable the AnyTone Volume Bar
    • How to Reinitialize Your Radio
    • How to Go Mobile with Your Plug N Play Package
  • 19
    Written Programming Guide
    • AT-D868UV_D878UV_Programming_Guide_1.33
  • 20
    Wiring Diagrams/Cable Pinouts
    • AnyTone 868, 878, and 878 PLUS programming cable pinout