Course curriculum

    1. What Is DMR?

    2. How To Get A DMR ID for Amateur (Ham) Radio In 2020

    3. How to get a Vanity Callsign

    4. Amateur Radio and DMR Etiquette Tips

    5. Quiz 2

    1. How to Create a Digital Codeplug for Your Radio!

    2. How to Submit an AnyTone Codeplug to BridgeCom Systems

    3. How to Make an Amateur Radio Codeplug by Duane Reese N6DMR

    4. How to Make a DMR Codeplug - Long Version

    5. How to Create a DMR Codeplug by Chuck KØXM

    6. How to Add Data to a Codeplug with Contact Manager

    7. How to Use an Old Codeplug on a New AnyTone 878 Handheld or AnyTone 578 Mobile

    8. How to Create an Analog Codeplug for your Radio

    9. How to Install a BridgeCom Codeplug (Super/Ultra Codeplug) Into Your AnyTone Radio

    10. Quiz 3

    11. How to Fix the Band Error in Your Codeplug

    12. How to Fix the "Model Type Error" When Programming Your Radio

    13. How to fix the "File Version Error" When Programming Your Radio

    14. How to Modify a Codeplug to Work With Your Local Repeater

    1. How To Add And Delete A Contact In Your AnyTone AT-D868UV / AT-D878UV

    2. How to Import the Digital Contact List

    3. How to Import Talk Group Lists

    4. How to Program Talk Groups For Your DMR Hotspot Using an Anytone DMR Radio

    5. How to Create a Private Talk Group for you and a Buddy on Your AnyTone

    6. How to Create an Actual Private Talk Group With Your DMR ID on Your AnyTone Radio

    7. How to Add and Delete a Contact on Your AnyTone Radio

    8. How to Create a Dynamic or Static Talkgroup

    9. Quiz 4

    1. How to Add a Channel to Your Codeplug

    2. AnyTone AT-D878/868UV Sub Channel Demo

    3. How to Add the Weather Channels / Weather Alert to Your AnyTone 878 HT

    4. How to add Weather Channels to Your AnyTone Radio

    5. How to Assign a VFO Mode Switching Button on an AnyTone 868/878 DMR HT Radio

    6. How to Add a VFO Channel to Your AnyTone HT

    7. How to Add a VFO Channel to Memory Mode on an AnyTone 878 Plus

    8. How to Switch Between Single and Dual VFO Modes

    9. How to Switch From VFO Mode to Channel Mode

    10. How to Create a Private Channel for You and Your Friend to Talk on With Your Radio

    11. How to Hide or Show the Subchannel on Your AnyTone Radio

    12. Quiz 5

    1. How to Program an Analog Repeater into Your AnyTone 878 Handheld Radio

    2. How to Program an Digital Repeater into Your AnyTone 878 Handheld Radio

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